Internal Occupancy Motion Sensor for Light Fixtures

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When a warm moving object such as a person or automobile passes through the field of view of the motion sensor, the light turns on from 5 seconds to 6 minutes (field adjusted)  During the day (when used outside) the built in photocell prevents automatic operation and saving you energy.

This microwave occupancy sensor uses ultra-high-frequency radio waves and uses the Doppler Effect to detect to detect motion.  This extremely safe method that bounce off radio waves of nearby surfaces and then return to the sensor.  Note:  Does not work with dimmable circuits.


  • Voltage: 100-277V
  • HF System: 5.8GHz CW Radar
  • Ceiling Mount Reach: 39 in to 26ft
  • Wall Mount Reach: 39 in to 26ft
  • Rated 600W@ 100VAC Incandescent
  • Rated 200W @ 277VAC LED
  • Rated 1200W @ 277VAC Incandescent
  • 2.W Power Consumption (static state)
  • 360° Front Detection Angle
  • 160° Side Detection Angle
  • 39" to 26' Adjustable Detection Distance
  • Delay from 8 seconds to 12 minutes
  • Non-Dimmable
  • UL CUL Listed
  • FCC compliance Class B




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