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2 Pin and 4 Pin Plug-In Compact Fluorescents

Here is our range of 5 watt to 57 watt 2 and 4 pin Plug-In CFLs. Plug-In Fluorescents all have very long life times and high levels of energy efficiency, with very impressive lumen to watt ratios. We stock a wide range of products, all with varying wattages, luminosity, color temperature and bases. When looking for a plug in CFL it is important to pay close attention to the base. Different bases have different spacing between the pins. How you figure out the spacing between the pins is by looking at the name of the base. The number after the G or GX indicates how many millimeters between the pins. For example, a GX32d-2 has 32mm between pins, yet a G24d-3 has 24mm between the pins.

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