LED GU24 Base

GU24 LED Light Bulbs

If you're looking to upgrade to a more efficient form of lighting, a GU24 LED bulb might just be the right choice for you. The GU24 base is designed specifically to cater for energy efficient lamps such as CFL and LED products to try and phase out older more economically and environmentally damaging bulbs.


LED bulbs are well know as being the most energy efficient and green lighting products on the market, but they are more than just that. LED bulbs convert almost all their energy into light, and produce very little heat compared to other forms of lighting. Not only does this add to their energy efficiency, it means they won't be causing your home, office or shop to overheat during those extra hot days and evenings. This also makes them well suited for lighting areas with heat sensitive materials that may get damaged from overheating. GU24 LED bulbs also stand out against their competitors due to their average life hours, lasting up to 25,000 hours or more. You could end up replacing other GU24 bulbs several times during the life span of 1 LED bulb. LED bulbs also contain no mercury, making them much more safe for both your home and the environment.


These bulbs are not just efficient, but are also capable of providing very high quality light in a wide range of color temperatures. In this category you will find bulbs able to provide a CRI of 80 and above, making them perfectly suited for use in areas where you need to see in a lot of detail, and where you don't want colors to look dull or washed out. And with a range of 2700 - 5000 Kelvin, you can be sure to find a color temperature to suit your needs.


The GU24 base was introduced to be specifically for more energy efficient forms of lighting, such as CFL and LED bulbs. So if you're looking to add new fixtures and sockets, or upgrade existing ones, GU24 sockets could be the way to go. Additionally, because GU24 LED bulbs are self ballasted, you can upgrade from CFL to LED without any need for rewiring or adding new fixtures.