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Our full line of lighting globes has something for almost every need. We carry both acrylic and polycarbonate plastics, in a variety of sizes and neck opening styles. Be sure you are ordering the right product by following the guide below!

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Lighting Globe Sizes

Our globes are listed by their overall diameter, usually in 2-inch increments (10 inch, 12 inch, etc). To easily check the size of your current globe, put your measuring tape into the opening all the way to the other side, then round up to the nearest 2-inch size. Neck openings are also measured by diameter. Check out our guide to measuring light globes!

Globe Materials and Colors

Acrylic globes are the most common type. They will not yellow over time, and have greater clarity, but are less durable. More expensive Polycarbonate globes are impact-resistant and much more durable, but do tend to yellow somewhat when exposed to UV light. They are more suitable for industrial applications.

Both types come in a variety of finishes (depending on size), including clear, white, clear prismatic, bronze, smoke, and frosted (sometimes designated LD for use with LED corn bulbs to improve light dispersion).

Globe Neck Types

We sell fitter necks (sometimes also called Flange or Lip fitters), twist-and-lock necks, twist-on, and neckless globes. Note that not all neck styles or sizes are available in all globe sizes. Neckless globes can be custom cut to your specifications by the factory. Note that all orders for custom globes are non-returnable.

Other Globe Types

We also sell acorn-style street light globes, along with teardrop shapes and a few other specialty items. If you don't see what you need, please contact us!

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