HPS Light Ballasts

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HPS Ballasts

High Pressure Sodium bulbs are the most common light source for outdoor areas needing a strong bright light due to their great efficiency, high light output and longer than average expected life hours. They are perfect for use in parking areas, or being used in street lights or as security lighting, and much more. As these are all areas where a lighting failure could be disastrous it is highly important to get a good high quality ballast to go with your HPS lamp. A low quality second rate ballast could cause the light to go out, which in public areas can result in terrible consequences. Due to this reason we only stock the best ballasts from the most respected and trusted brand names.


We stock the two most regularly used types of High Pressure Sodium ballasts. We have the Core and Coil ballasts, which are very versatile and suitable for many different uses. We also have the newer and more modern Electronic HPS ballasts, which are more compact making them easier to install in tight and awkwardly sized fixtures. So what ever your needs, we have you covered.

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