Metal Halide Light Ballasts

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Metal Halide HID Ballasts

MH lighting has become a very popular choice over the years due to its versatility. You can find them in many places where a HID lamp is necessary, and are very popular with industrial businesses. With so many different uses and with it becoming such a common choice, many different types of ballasts have been created to help Metal Halide lamps be installed. The three main that you need to know are Core and Coil, F-Can and Electronic.


Core and Coil ballasts use the tried and tested magnetic core and coil method. This is a very common form of technology and has been around for many years, making it a safe choice. You will regularly find these ballasts in factories, stadiums, gymnasiums and other similar places. Core and Coil ballasts have a higher than usual heat tolerance that allow manufacturers to design and create these products in a wide variation of configurations to give you a great deal of choice.


F-Can MH ballasts have been designed and built to reduce their size and noise output. They have a more compact design and are housed in noise absorbing material to allow them to be installed in much more public locations, such as in schools or commercial buildings.


Electronic ballasts are the newer option of the three, but combine the best of the above ballasts. Compact, light, versatile, better power regulation and more, it really wins out over older ballasts. They do cost more, but if quality is your one concern, Electronic ballasts are the right choice.

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