Light Socket Adapters

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Lighting is one of the most crucial elements in creating a comfortable living space, and with light bulb socket adapters &  extenders you can create customized lighting arrangements to meet your personal needs. Let us know if we can assist you for the best selection for your needs.


Understand Different Socket Types and Types of Adapters

Before choosing the right adapter type and size, it's important to understand the different socket types and how they work. A common type of light socket is the 120-volt AC Standard Edison Socket (medium base) which can be used with LED, CFL or incandescent bulbs rated at up to 200 watts, or halogen bulbs rated up to 300 watts. Other standard sockets are the intermediate base and candelabra base. Depending on the type of socket you have, you'll want to select an adapter that fits perfectly over your existing socket.

Consider the Lighting Wattage Needed for Each Fixture

When selecting an adapter, it's important to consider the wattage needed for each lighting fixture. For example, if your light bulb has a maximum rating of 200 watts, then you should select an adapter that can safely handle up to 200 watts of power. If you have LED or CFL bulbs in your fixture, make sure to look for an adapter with a lower voltage rating such as 10 volts or 12 volts. This will help ensure that your bulbs don’t overheat and burn out prematurely.

Review Voltage Ratings for Your Adapter Socket and Light Bulb

It’s important to review the voltage ratings for your adapter socket and light bulb before making a purchase. If both devices have a higher rating than what is recommended in the product packaging, then you should consider purchasing an adapter with a higher wattage or voltage rating. Be sure to also check that the adapter will fit your specific size light socket. Make sure it has enough space for the electric prongs on all sides of the connection, as well as other features like mounting screws.