Step Down Auto-Transformers

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Step down transformers are essential tools for converting high voltage electricity to lower voltage levels, allowing you to utilize various lighting fixtures and ballasts. Whether you're working with 480V to 277V, 220V to 110V, or other voltage conversions, these transformers ensure compatibility and efficiency.

Benefits of Using Step Down Transformers:

  • Expand Lighting Options: Access a wider range of energy-efficient lighting products designed for lower voltage inputs.
  • Simplify Installation: Eliminate complex wiring or additional transformers for a streamlined setup.
  • Reduce Energy Costs: Increase efficiency by using lower-voltage ballasts compared to higher-voltage counterparts.
  • Boost Performance & Lifespan: High-quality transformers guarantee reliable operation and extended product life.
  • Safety & Compliance: Choose UL and cUL approved transformers for peace of mind and adherence to safety regulations.