Emergency Light Ballasts

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Emergency Ballast and Accessories


One area of lighting that no business wants to ignore is emergency lighting. Safety regulations are forever getting more and more strict, and with human lives on the line there is no reason to ignore them. In an emergency situation, lighting can make the difference between an easy evacuation and a law suit, or worse. Here at LightBulbSurplus.com we take our emergency lighting very seriously and only offer the highest quality ballasts and accessories for you to chose from, with many coming backed by warranties for peace of mind.


Fluorescent Linear Ballasts

If you already have fluorescent linear lamps in your building, an emergency fluorescent backup ballast will be the most easy to install and time/cost efficient way to convert them into emergency lighting. With our Emergency Fluorescent Ballasts it has never been more simple to convert your existing lighting into emergency lighting. We also have a large array of products for you to chose from, that work with T5, T8, T12 lamps.


Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

Just like with our Linear Fluorescent ballasts, these CFL ballasts allow you to turn your CFL bulbs into emergency lights. Easy to install, simple to maintain and very cost efficient.


LED Emergency Battery

Emergency LED Batteries are the best way to convert your current LED bulbs into energy efficient long lasting emergency lights. The battery will charge up on its own over time, and then when the LED bulb loses power, the battery kicks into action keeping the bulbs operating for a limited period of time.

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