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Photocell Switches Dusk to Dawn Photocontrols

The job of a photocell switch is to detect levels of light from the sun, and then turn on or off the fixtures that they are wired to. This technology can be used in many ways, but one of the most common examples would be street lamps. Thanks to photocell sensors and switches, they can all be turned on and off automatically and independently based on the sunset and the sunrise. This can be a great way to save on energy, have automatic security lighting or even simply to have your garden lights illuminate your pathways at night without having to turn them on. There are many different ways to use photocells for outdoor lights, for residential, commercial or industrial purposes. You only need to have one photocell switch wired into a circuit to be able control all the fixtures, so there is no need to purchase one switch per lamp.


There are many different types of photocell switches and controls, all better suited for different situations and various perks. The easiest switch to mount would be the stem mounting photocells. The swivel controls are also very easy to install, but offer more flexibility. Twist-Lock photocontrolls are a bit more difficult to install, however they are much more sturdy and are built to withstand vibrations and small impacts without breaking or causing disconnects in the circuit. Button photocells are well suited to outdoor lights, designed to be easily pole mounted.