Clear UV Blocking T8 Fluorescent Tube Guard 4 ft Plastic Sleeve

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48" Shatterproof Plastic UV Absorbing Tube Cover Shield

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation from fluorescent and mercury vapor lamps can have harmful effects on your eyes, skin, and valuable materials. Clear UV blocking tube guards, also known as fluorescent tube shields, clear UV blocking sleeves, UV absorbing tube covers, or UV-resistant light covers, provide an effective barrier against these harmful rays, safeguarding your health and belongings.

Clear UV blocking tube guards are a simple yet effective way to safeguard your health, belongings, and investments. They effectively shield your eyes from harmful UV rays, prevent the fading and deterioration of valuables, and reduce the risk of accidental breakage and potential injuries.

Applications of Clear UV Blocking Tube Guards

  • Museums and Art Galleries: Protect priceless artworks and artifacts from the damaging effects of UV radiation.
  • Libraries and Archives: Preserve valuable documents, books, and manuscripts from UV-induced fading and deterioration.
  • Laboratories and Research Facilities: Shield sensitive equipment and materials from harmful UV rays.
  • Retail and Commercial Spaces: Safeguard products and displays from UV-related damage.
  • Homes and Offices: Protect household items, furnishings, and personal belongings from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Installation and Maintenance

Installing clear plastic UV absorbing tube guards is a straightforward process. Simply slide the guards over the fluorescent tubes, ensuring they are properly seated. For regular maintenance, wipe the guards with a clean, damp cloth to remove dust and debris.


Clear UV blocking tube guards offer a simple yet effective way to protect your eyes, valuables, and fluorescent tubes from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Their transparent design allows for clear illumination while providing essential protection. By investing in these guards, you can safeguard your health, belongings, and investments.




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