Halco 99986 LHB/MC

HO- 99986
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Replacement LSXR 610 HL Line Voltage PIR Motion Control Sensor (0-10V dimming)

Upgrade your lighting control with the Halco 99986 LHB/MC Replacement LSXR 610 HL, a high-precision Passive Infrared (PIR) motion control sensor designed for efficient and automated lighting management. This sensor integrates seamlessly with your existing lighting systems to provide energy-saving, motion-activated lighting solutions suitable for a range of environments.


  • Passive Infrared Detection: Utilizes PIR technology to accurately detect movement, ensuring lights are only on when needed.
  • Easy Programming: Digital push-button programming eliminates the need for field calibration or sensitivity adjustments.
  • Versatile Ceiling Compatibility: Optimized for ceiling heights between 15ft and 45ft, making it ideal for a wide range of commercial and industrial settings.
  • 0-10V Dimming: Supports 0-10V dimming control, allowing for adjustable lighting levels based on occupancy or time of day.
  • Effortless Operation: Features a green LED indicator and a default 10-minute occupancy time delay for straightforward operation.
  • Line Voltage Ready: Compatible with 120-277 VAC (MVOLT) for easy integration into various electrical systems.
  • Flexible Mounting Options: Comes with High Mount 360º & Low Mount 360º lenses for comprehensive coverage.


  • Model: LSXR 610 HL (LHB/MC)
  • Voltage: 120-277 VAC (MVOLT)
  • Dimming: 0-10 VDC
  • Occupancy Settings: High/Low/Off (with relay), High/Low (without relay)
  • Installation Height: Suitable for 15ft-45ft ceilings

The Halco 99986 sensor is the perfect solution for enhancing the energy efficiency and convenience of your lighting systems, offering both high and low mount detection options to suit your specific needs.


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