LED PAR30 Bulbs

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PAR30 LED Light Bulbs

PAR (Parabolic aluminized reflector) bulbs create a focused and controlled pool of light with unfocused edges, to provide a spotlight effect that concentrates all the light on a given area 400% more intensely than an omnidirectional bulb. The diameter of PAR bulbs are indicated by the number in the title, measured in 1/8th inches. A PAR30 bulb has a diameter of 3.75 inches, or 95mm. Designed for use in recessed cans and track lighting, these bulbs are perfectly suited for use in kitchens, living rooms, display lighting, outdoor lighting and any other areas where spot or flood lighting may be required.


LED bulbs are the most energy efficient products out there, and PAR30 LED bulbs maximize this by taking full advantage of the directional nature of LED lighting. Some of our most efficient PAR30 LED bulbs can output the same levels of light as a 100W Incandescent, while operating on under 20 watts, and lasting many years longer! This is one of our most extensive categories and biggest selection of products, so whether you need Long Neck or Short Neck, 10 degrees or 60 degrees beam angle, high CRI, dimmable, or anything else, we're confident we have the right product for you.

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