Low Profile Outdoor Wet Rated LED Wall Light Fixture

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Ever-Tough Impact & Vandal Resistant | ADA Compliant | Wet Rated Fixture | Energy-Efficient | Insect-Resistant Lighting for Exterior Spaces

Upgrade your outdoor lighting with our Low-Profile Outdoor Wet Rated LED Wall Light Fixture, designed to provide reliable, energy-efficient, and insect-resistant illumination for your exterior spaces. Perfect for porches, patios, pathways, or entryways, this sleek and modern fixture enhances both safety and curb appeal, while keeping pesky insects at bay.

Product Highlights

  • Commercial Grade & Impact Resistant
  • Wet-rated LED wall light for outdoor use
  • ADA Compliant
  • Simple Switch allows Color Selectable Ambiance (3000K, 3500K, 4000K or 5000K) 
  • Low-profile design for a clean and modern look
  • Energy-efficient performance to reduce energy costs
  • Insect-resistant design prevents bugs from entering the light fixture
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance
  • Easy installation on exterior walls
  • Buy American Act Compliant

Impact & Vandal Resistant

It is engineered to endure the harshest conditions and resist damage from both impact and vandalism. This robust fixture boasts a heavy-duty polycarbonate composite construction, providing an exceptional level of protection against the elements and potential harm. Ideal for both residential and commercial settings, this durable lighting solution delivers long-lasting, reliable performance without sacrificing style or functionality. The weather-resistant design ensures optimal operation in wet environments while maintaining its visual appeal for years to come. Enhance your outdoor lighting with confidence by investing in this impact and vandal-resistant, high-quality LED wall light fixture.

Insect-Resistant Design

One of the key features of our Bug-proof Wet location LED Wall-pack is its insect-resistant design. When properly installed, the fixture prevents bugs from entering the light, ensuring a clean and clear illumination for your outdoor spaces. This also helps to reduce the need for frequent cleaning and maintenance, providing a more enjoyable experience for homeowners.

Color Selectable for Customized Ambiance

It offers the added benefit of color selectability, allowing you to choose between 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, or 5000K color temperatures. This feature enables you to customize the ambiance and appearance of your outdoor spaces to match your personal preferences and design aesthetic. Whether you prefer a warm, inviting glow (3000K) or a cool, bright light (5000K), our versatile LED wall light fixture allows you to create the perfect lighting environment for your exterior spaces, enhancing both functionality and visual appeal.

Wet-Rated for Outdoor Applications

Designed for use in outdoor settings, our exterior slim LED Wall Light is wet-rated, ensuring reliable performance even in damp or wet conditions. This makes it the ideal choice for exterior lighting applications, providing bright and consistent illumination in any weather.

Modern Low-Profile Design

Featuring a sleek and modern low-profile design, this exterior impact-resistant LED wall light seamlessly blends with various architectural styles, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home. The minimalist design ensures that the fixture remains unobtrusive while still delivering ample light output.

ADA Compliant for Accessibility

It is designed with accessibility in mind, adhering to the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). As an ADA-compliant fixture, our LED wall light ensures that it does not protrude more than 4 inches from the wall, providing a safer and more accessible environment for all individuals, including those with disabilities. By choosing our ADA-compliant outdoor wall light, you are contributing to a more inclusive and user-friendly space, promoting equal access and enjoyment for everyone.

Energy-Efficient Performance

With its energy-efficient LED technology, our bug-proof wall pack consumes significantly less energy compared to traditional incandescent or halogen lighting. This helps reduce your energy costs while still providing bright and consistent illumination for your outdoor spaces.

Durable Construction for Long-Lasting Performance

Constructed with high-quality materials, our LED wall light fixture is designed to withstand the elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor environments. This durability makes it a dependable choice for exterior lighting applications, providing peace of mind and low-maintenance operation.

Easy Installation

Our Low-Profile Outdoor Wet Rated LED Wall Light Fixture is easy to install on exterior walls, allowing you to quickly upgrade your outdoor lighting. Simply follow the provided installation instructions, and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient, reliable, and insect-resistant illumination for your exterior spaces.

Made in the USA and Compliant with the Buy American Act (BAA)

This impact resistant modern light is proudly made in the USA, ensuring top-notch quality and adherence to strict manufacturing standards. By choosing this American-made product, you're supporting local businesses and promoting domestic manufacturing. Additionally, this LED wall light complies with the Buy American Act (BAA), which prioritizes the use of American-made products in government-funded projects. By selecting our BAA-compliant fixture, you can trust that your purchase meets the highest quality and safety standards while contributing to the growth of the US economy.

Transform Your Outdoor Spaces Enhance the safety, security, and curb appeal of your home or business with our Close to the Wall Outdoor Wet Rated LED surface mount Light Fixture. With its modern design, energy-efficient performance, and insect-resistant features, this fixture is the ideal choice for upgrading your outdoor lighting. Browse our selection at Light Bulb Surplus and illuminate your exterior spaces with style and efficiency.

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** Insect Resistant on flat surfaces.  Please calk around fixture if it is being installed on uneven surfaces,


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