Replacement Clear 8 Inch Prismatic Acrylic Outdoor Lighting Globe | Twist Lock

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The Replacement Clear 8 Inch Prismatic Acrylic Outdoor Lighting Globe is an essential accessory for any outdoor lighting fixture. Crafted with utmost care and precision, this globe offers exceptional quality and durability, ensuring that your lighting needs are met with effortless ease.

Designed to fit perfectly onto any 8-inch round plastic thread neck light fixture, this versatile globe is a seamless replacement for worn-out or broken globes. With its twist lock feature, installation becomes a breeze, allowing you to effortlessly replace the old globe and restore the beautiful illumination of your outdoor space.

Constructed from high-quality prismatic acrylic, this globe provides excellent durability and longevity, making it suitable for use in different outdoor environments. Its clear design allows for maximum light transmission, ensuring that your outdoor space is evenly and brightly lit. Whether you are illuminating a pathway, patio, garden, or any other outdoor area, this globe will provide a stunning and captivating lighting effect.

Safety is of utmost importance, which is why this product comes with a warning label. While maintaining a reputation for excellence, we also prioritize your well-being. This globe is intended for use in lighting applications only, and any misuse or abuse of this product can result in injury. It is vital to keep this product out of the reach of children to prevent accidents or any hazardous situations.

The Replacement Clear 8 Inch Prismatic Acrylic Outdoor Lighting Globe showcases an exceptional combination of functionality and style. Its sleek, minimalist design will seamlessly blend into any outdoor décor, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space. From residential gardens to commercial establishments, this globe is the perfect accessory to elevate your outdoor lighting setup.

Invest in the Replacement Clear 8 Inch Prismatic Acrylic Outdoor Lighting Globe, and experience the joy of remarkable illumination. With its easy installation, superior quality, and safety precautions, this product is the epitome of convenience and reliability. Illuminate your outdoor space with confidence, knowing that you have chosen a product that guarantees exceptional performance and longevity.

Extra Information

LBS Lighting
Shade/Lens Color:
Clear Prismatic
Shade/Lens Material:
Inner Opening (in):
Neck Exterior (in):
Diameter (in.):
Globe Size:
8 Inch
Twist Lock
Country of Origin:
Made in the USA
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