Replacement Internal Microwave Motion Sensor for Light Fixtures

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When a heat-emitting object, such as a person or vehicle, enters the motion sensor's field of view, the light activates for a duration of 5 seconds to 6 minutes (adjustable in the field). During daytime hours (when used outdoors), the built-in photocell prevents automatic operation, conserving energy. The microwave occupancy sensor employs ultra-high-frequency radio waves and utilizes the Doppler Effect to detect motion effectively. This extremely safe method involves bouncing radio waves off nearby surfaces before returning them to the sensor. Please note that this motion sensor is not compatible with dimmable circuits.

Upgrade your lighting system with our versatile Replacement Internal Motion Sensor, designed for compatibility with a variety of light fixtures to enhance safety, energy efficiency, and convenience. By automating your lighting with this motion sensor, you can ensure that your lights turn on only when needed, minimizing energy consumption and boosting security on your property.

Product Highlights

  • Compatible with a wide range of light fixtures for versatile use
  • Enhances safety and security by detecting motion and activating lights
  • Energy-efficient solution by automating lighting usage
  • Easy to install and replace in existing fixtures
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications

Designed for Flush Mounted Light Fixtures with Advanced Sensing Capabilities

Our microwave occupancy sensor is specifically engineered to be installed in flush mounted light fixtures, making it a seamless and efficient upgrade for your existing lighting system. One of the standout features of this motion sensor is its ability to detect motion through plastic and glass diffusers or shades. This advanced sensing technology ensures that the sensor can effectively monitor movement in the surrounding area, even when concealed by fixture components.  By incorporating this innovative motion sensor into your surface mounted light fixtures, you can maintain the aesthetic appeal of your lighting setup without compromising on functionality. The sensor's ability to detect motion through diffusers and shades ensures that your lights will activate when needed, providing enhanced safety and security, while also reducing energy consumption by automating your lighting usage.

Wide Compatibility with Light Fixtures

Our microwave motion sensor is designed to be compatible with a diverse range of light fixtures, making it a versatile solution for your lighting needs. This motion sensor can be easily integrated with various fixture types, ensuring that you can upgrade your lighting system with minimal hassle.

Improved Safety and Security

Equipping your light fixtures with our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor enhances the safety and security of your property by automatically activating lights when motion is detected. This feature not only deters intruders but also provides improved visibility and safety for occupants, especially during nighttime hours.

Energy-Efficient Lighting

Solution By automating your lighting with our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor, you can significantly reduce energy consumption and lower your energy costs. The sensor ensures that your lights only activate when necessary, minimizing energy waste and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Easy Installation and Replacement

Our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor is designed for easy installation and replacement in existing light fixtures. This makes upgrading your lighting system a straightforward process, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of motion-activated lighting without the need for extensive modifications.

Ideal for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

The versatility of our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you're looking to enhance security for your home, office, or commercial space, this motion sensor provides a practical and effective solution.

Upgrade Your Lighting with Our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor Experience the benefits of enhanced safety, energy efficiency, and convenience by incorporating our Replacement Internal Motion Sensor into your lighting system. Browse our selection at Light Bulb Surplus and transform your lighting experience today.


  • Voltage: 100-277V
  • HF System: 5.8GHz CW Radar
  • Ceiling Mount Reach: 39 in to 26ft
  • Wall Mount Reach: 39 in to 26ft
  • Rated 600W@ 100VAC Incandescent
  • Rated 200W @ 277VAC LED
  • Rated 1200W @ 277VAC Incandescent
  • 2.W Power Consumption (static state)
  • 360° Front Detection Angle
  • 160° Side Detection Angle
  • 39" to 26' Adjustable Detection Distance
  • Delay from 8 seconds to 12 minutes
  • Non-Dimmable
  • UL CUL Listed
  • FCC compliance Class B




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