Satco 60-6012 Mahogany Bronze Ceiling Mount Light with Frosted White Glass

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1 Light 6" Ball Ceiling Mount Fixture Mahogany Bronze with Medium E26 Socket

Satco 60-6012: Where Rustic Charm Meets Diffused Brilliance

The Satco 60-6012 isn't just a ceiling mount light; it's a whisper of rustic warmth, where rich mahogany bronze gracefully embraces the diffused brilliance of frosted white glass, transforming your space into a haven of inviting illumination. This fixture seamlessly blends timeless appeal with a touch of contemporary flair, casting a soft and welcoming glow that flatters any atmosphere.


  • Rustic allure: The warm mahogany bronze finish exudes a sophisticated air, reminiscent of vintage lanterns and aged wood, complementing both traditional and modern architectural styles.
  • Frosted brilliance: The soft glow of frosted white glass diffuses the light, creating a warm and inviting ambiance that flatters the space and adds a touch of timeless charm, like sunlight filtering through frosted windows.
  • Welcoming embrace: The well-distributed illumination from your chosen bulb spills generously through the glass, casting a welcoming ambiance that invites cozy evenings spent under the stars or relaxing mornings enjoying a cup of coffee bathed in gentle warmth.

Perfect for:

  • Entryways: Make a stunning statement with a piece that whispers of rustic sophistication, guiding your guests into a space bathed in welcoming light.
  • Kitchens & dining rooms: Add a touch of earthy charm to your gathering spaces, creating a comfortable atmosphere for shared meals and laughter under the soft glow.
  • Living rooms & bedrooms: Bring a touch of warmth and classic style to your havens, creating a calming setting for shared moments or quiet reflection bathed in serene radiance.
  • Home offices & studies: Enhance your focus and creativity with a warm light that inspires and invigorates, reminiscent of a cozy nook bathed in sunlight.

Additional details

  • Dimensions: 6" H x 7.25" W
  • Bulb type: Medium E26 base (bulb not included)
  • Number of bulbs: 1
  • Wattage: Up to 60W per bulb
  • Warranty: Standard manufacturer's warranty

Let the Satco 60-6012 illuminate your space with a touch of rustic charm and diffused brilliance. It's time to open your doors to the comfort and charm of inviting warmth, bathed in the gentle glow of timeless elegance.

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