Satco 60-7465 Matte White Pendant Light with Burnished Brass

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Perkins Large Pendant Light Fixture Matte White with Medium E26 Socket

The Satco 60-7465 isn't just a pendant light; it's a clockwork canvas, a mesmerizing dance of matte white and burnished brass that hums with the energy of steam and gearwork. Imagine a vintage airship, its belly painted in creamy white, adorned with brassy cogs and filigree whispering tales of forgotten inventions. It's a timeless fusion of light and shadow, modern in form yet infused with the soul of steampunk's fantastical past.


  • Matte White Airship Skin: The crisp white shade, a canvas for steely clouds, diffuses light, creating a cool, ethereal glow that evokes the soaring grace of an airship through moonlight.
  • Burnished Brass Cogs and Gears: The vintage brass band encircles the shade like a web of intricate mechanisms, casting dancing shadows and adding a touch of industrial intrigue.
  • Modern Airship Silhouette: Clean lines and a streamlined silhouette embody the essence of sleek airships, allowing the Satco 60-7465 to effortlessly blend with any contemporary setting.
  • Steampunk Whispers: The burnished brass whispers of steam engines and fantastical inventions, adding a touch of raw industrial beauty and timeless steampunk character to modern spaces.
  • Adaptable Artistry: Whether you desire a futuristic ambiance in your living room, a library illuminated by cogwork shadows, or a cozy glow in your home office, the Satco 60-7465 adapts to your every whim.

Ideal for:

  • Functional Flair: The single bulb design throws ample light where you need it most, while the shade diffuses it effectively and minimizes glare, creating a focused or ambient illumination as desired.
  • Bulb Versatility: Accommodates a wide range of bulbs, from energy-efficient LEDs to vintage-inspired filaments, letting you personalize the light and steampunk aesthetic.
  • Easy Installation: Get your new airship pendant up and running in no time, leaving more time to enjoy its captivating presence.

Truly Shines:

  • Living Rooms: Hang it above your favorite seating area for a futuristic ambiance and a statement piece that hums with the energy of steampunk innovation.
  • Libraries: Let the diffused light illuminate your bookshelves, the brass cogs casting fascinating shadows on your leather-bound treasures.
  • Home Offices: Boost your creativity with a focused light that sparks invention, the burnished brass whispering tales of visionary engineers.
  • Gaming Rooms: Immerse yourself in fantastical worlds with the steampunk ambiance, the light and shadows dancing like digital gears.
  • Bars and Restaurants: Create a unique atmosphere that inspires conversation and wonder, the steampunk flair inviting customers to embark on their own imaginative journeys.

Invest in the Satco 60-7465 Matte White Pendant Light with Burnished Brass and let it transform your ceiling into a canvas of clockwork dreams and timeless steampunk allure. Let the matte white diffuse, the burnished brass shimmer, and experience the magic of modern minimalism with a touch of fantastical invention. Shop now and discover the art of illumination that fuels your imagination.

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