Satco 65-762 Bronze Cutoff Wall Pack Light

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29W/40W/60W Emergency LED Cutoff Wall Pack Light CCT Selectable Bronze Finish

the Satco 65-762 Bronze Cutoff Wall Pack Light! This one rounds out the lineup of high-performance Satco options you've been exploring, and it packs quite a punch in the features department. Let's delve into its details to see if it shines a spotlight on your specific needs:

Key Features

  • Modern Style: Features a sleek and compact bronze finish that complements various exterior aesthetics, particularly those with warmer tones.
  • Bright and Adjustable Illumination: Boasts a 29/40/60W selectable LED array, delivering up to 8400 lumens of adjustable brightness. This range caters to various needs, from illuminating pathways to larger spaces.
  • Energy-Efficient Performance: Utilizes LED technology for low energy consumption, especially with lower wattage settings.
  • Adjustable Color Temperature: Similar to other high-end models, this one allows you to switch between warm white, neutral white, and cool white, providing flexibility in setting the desired ambiance and potentially minimizing light pollution.
  • Integrated Bypassable Photocell: Offers automatic dusk-to-dawn operation while allowing manual control when needed.
  • Cutoff Design: This unique feature minimizes upward light spill, directing the light downward and reducing glare and skyglow. This can be beneficial for areas near residential windows or where minimizing light trespass is desired.
  • Adjustable Arm: Directs the light precisely where you need it, maximizing coverage and eliminating dark spots.
  • Wet Location Rated: Built to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor installation.
  • Long-Lasting Performance: With a 50,000-hour lifespan, you can expect years of reliable illumination.
  • Easy Installation: Simple design and included mounting hardware ensure hassle-free setup.

Unique Features

  • CCT and Wattage Selectable: Similar to other advanced models, the 65-762 lets you adjust both color temperature and wattage for personalized light output and energy consumption.
  • Emergency Battery Backup: This standout feature provides temporary illumination (16 watts with 1120 lumens for 90 minutes) in case of power outages, adding an extra layer of safety and convenience.

Things to Consider

  • More complex features: Adjusting both color temperature, wattage, and potentially the emergency backup settings might require slightly more effort compared to simpler models.
  • Potentially higher energy consumption at higher wattage settings: While the LED technology is energy-efficient, using the 60W setting will consume more energy compared to lower wattages.

The Satco 65-762 Bronze Cutoff Wall Pack Light is a top-tier option for those seeking the ultimate in outdoor lighting versatility, functionality, and performance. Its adjustable brightness, color temperature, wattage, and emergency backup make it suitable for various applications, from illuminating large spaces to providing safety during power outages. The cutoff design adds a bonus for controlling light direction and minimizing light trespass. If you prioritize maximum control, adaptability, and peace of mind, the 65-762 is definitely worth considering. Just ensure the feature complexity and potential energy consumption at higher wattages align with your needs and preferences

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