TerraCycle 110-5003 Bulb Crusher Motor 120V Premium w/ Cable

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Replacement Demore Corporation Motor For Bulb Eater and Bulb Eater 3

1/5 Horsepower - 2 Amp – 120 Volt VDC

Product SKU: 110-5003

Reference ID: 330-416

Maintain the reliable performance of your lamp disposal operations with the TerraCycle 110-5003 Premium Bulb Crusher Motor 120V Replacement. This genuine replacement motor is designed specifically for the Bulb Eater and Bulb Eater 3 lamp crushers, ensuring compatibility and seamless integration. Sourced from the reputable Demore Corporation, this premium motor delivers 1/5 HP of power at 2 Amps and 120V VDC, providing efficient and powerful crushing capabilities.

Whether you're handling high volumes of lamps or seeking a long-lasting solution, this motor offers consistent performance and longevity. Easy to install as a direct replacement, it minimizes downtime and maintenance needs, supporting safe and efficient lamp disposal processes. Invest in the TerraCycle 110-5003 Premium Bulb Crusher Motor as a cost-effective solution to restore optimal crushing capabilities to your equipment, rather than investing in a full equipment replacement.

Product Highlights:

  • Genuine replacement motor for Bulb Eater and Bulb Eater 3 lamp crushers
  • Premium quality motor from Demore Corporation
  • 1/5 HP, 2 Amp, 120V VDC specifications
  • Designed for efficient and powerful crushing operations
  • Ensures consistent performance and longevity


  • Restores optimal crushing capabilities to your equipment
  • Reliable and durable motor for continuous use
  • Easy installation as a direct replacement
  • Minimizes downtime and maintenance needs
  • Supports safe and efficient lamp disposal processes
  • Cost-effective solution compared to full equipment replacement


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