Terracycle 510-1150 EasyPak Jumbo Plastic Coated Fluorescent Recycling Box

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Large 4’ VaporShield Shield or Coated Fluorescent Light Bulb Tube Recycle Container

This isn't merely a box. It features the sleek jumbo EasyPak container, covers shipping to a recognized recycling facility, recycling fees, and provides a certificate of recycling—all at an affordable rate!

  • Holds up to 56 T12, 121 T8, or 192 T5 4-foot straight plastic coated or shielded fluorescent lamps. 
  • Includes Prepaid Return Shipping Label
  • It meets the UN standards as per 49 CFR-Packaging Group II and is ISTA® Transit Tested Certified.
  • Every kit contains a 100% recyclable box tube, two end caps, user instructions, and a pre-paid return postage label.
  • It ships FREE to your location and then back to the recycling center.
  • Leverage unique online features like recycling analytics, container tracking, and digital recycling certificates via your account.
  • Available exclusively in the continental U.S. Excludes Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.
  • Convenient solution for food processing facilities and anywhere shielded lamps are required.
  • Container measurements: 12” x 12” x 48”

How it Works

1. Load Your EasyPak™ Containers with Waste Deposit designed for the disposal box you ordered. Each container is UN-certified for secure storage and transport, equipped with VaporShield lining for added safety, and accompanied by comprehensive instructions. Upon receiving your containers, start filling them at a pace that suits you. Clear, step-by-step guidelines are provided in both English and Spanish. All containers adhere to UN standards, ensuring safe storage and transport.

2. Organize Your UPS Pickup Each EasyPak item comes with a prepaid UPS label. Once you've filled and sealed your container, simply place it in your regular UPS pickup spot. If you need to arrange a specific collection time, reach out at 888-640-6700, option 2. Alternatively, you can hand over the filled container at any UPS store.

3. Obtain Your Recycling Certificate Within a couple of weeks after sending your container to our recycling processor, you can access your Certificate of Recycling online under the "contact us" section. For more frequent reports, whether quarterly or annually, get in touch with your LBS representative.

Product SKU: 510-1150

Reference ID: 440-108-SS

***Shipping only available to the continental United States (not Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico)


*This product typically ships in 2 business days. Larger quantities may take longer than stated lead-time.  All lead-times are estimates and you will be notified by email if it will take longer than 5 business days to ship.  All sales of recycle boxes are final. No returns, exchanges, or refunds will be accepted or processed. By making a purchase, you acknowledge and agree to these terms.

Extra Information

Terracycle Regulated Waste
Model No.:
Reference No.:
Max # 4ft T5 Lamps per Box:
Max # 4ft T8 Lamps per Box:
Max # 4ft T12 Lamps per Box:
Capacity(Container Weight)(lbs):
Type of Disposal:
Coated Fluorescent Tubes
Length of Lamps:
4ft & Smaller
Additional Information:
Includes Prepaid Return Shipping Label