Venas Ex-MArm 90 Degree Explosion Proof Stanchion Arm

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MLLG-E-EXPL-SM90 | Class 1 Div 2 | Class 2 Div 2 | Stanchion Mounting Bracket

Venas Lighting Ex-MArm 90 Degree Explosion Proof Stanchion Arm Mount

Elevate your industrial lighting setup with the robust Venas Ex-MArm-90 Degree Explosion Proof Stanchion Arm Bracket. Engineered to ensure safe and secure mounting of lighting fixtures in hazardous environments, this stanchion arm is specifically designed to support Venas or EXPLA explosion-proof fixtures.  Compatible with C2 series and D2 series only.

Key Features:

  • Optimal Angle: The 90° stanchion mounting angle provides precise positioning for optimal lighting coverage.
  • High Compatibility: Accommodates a maximum pipe or tenon size of 1.96 inches, making it versatile for various installation needs.
  • Durable and Safe: With an IP67 rating, this mounting arm is dust-tight and can withstand temporary immersion in water, ensuring reliability in harsh conditions.
  • Certified Safety: Meets stringent safety standards with certifications for Class 1 Div 2, Groups E, F, G, and Class 2 Div 1, Groups A, B, C, D, ideal for environments with high explosion risk.
  • Extended Warranty: Comes with a 5-year warranty, emphasizing its durability and quality.


The Venas Ex-MArm-90 is perfect for:

  • Hazardous locations where safety and explosion-proof components are critical.
  • Industrial sites such as petrochemical facilities, paint warehouses, grain processing plants, and other areas prone to explosive atmospheres.
  • Any installation requiring robust and secure fixture mounting to ensure safety and compliance with industry regulations.


Designed for straightforward installation, the Ex-MArm-90 stanchion arm ensures a secure and stable setup for your explosion-proof lighting fixtures. The arm's design allows for easy attachment to existing structures, providing reliable support and optimal lighting positioning.


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