What does "Integrated LED" mean?

What does "Integrated LED" mean?

Published by Light Bulb Surplus Staff on Aug 7th 2020

To really understand the possibilities with LED lighting fixtures, it's important to make the distinction between integrated, screw-in and retrofit LED options.

"Integrated LED" refers to a lighting fixture or product that has the LED light source built directly into the unit, rather than utilizing a separate, replaceable LED bulb. In these fixtures, the LED components are an integral part of the design, making the entire lighting unit a single, cohesive system. This integration often results in a more streamlined appearance and improved energy efficiency, as the fixture is specifically designed to work optimally with the LED technology. However, one downside is that when the LED light source eventually fails or reaches the end of its lifespan, the entire fixture may need to be replaced, as the LEDs are not easily replaceable like traditional bulbs.

One of the  benefits of integrated LEDs, is that they may qualify for a rebate.  Please search your local state and municipalities for the possible rebates available*.  The downside is that the "integrated led" may be difficult to replace compared to a standard screw-in socket or twist-lock GU24 bulb.

A reference to retrofit options essentially means using an LED bulb in a standard light fixture (with an E26/medium base, E12/candelabra base or GU24 base socket, which are the most common). So some LED upgrades are as simple as buying an LED bulb and screwing it into a socket like you would any standard light bulb.

* LightBulbSurplus makes no claims or is responsible for 3rd party rebate programs.  We only provide the link to see if your area offers incentives for energy saving upgrades.