TerraCycle 140-7000 55 Gallon Drum Lid w/ Gasket

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Steel Flat Shipping Lid with Gasket, Locking Ring, and Bolt for Tight Seal

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Ensure the safe and secure storage of your crushed fluorescent tubes with the TerraCycle 140-7000 55 Gallon Drum Lid with Gasket. Designed specifically for use with the TerraCycle 110-7002 Bulb Eater 55 Gallon Drum, this lid provides a reliable closure system to contain the drum's contents. Featuring a flat steel lid, gasket, locking ring, and bolt, it creates a tight and tamper-resistant seal, preventing leakage or exposure of hazardous materials. The durable construction not only protects against potential hazards but also facilitates safe transportation and handling of the stored crushed tubes. By complementing the epoxy-lined drum with this secure lid, you can ensure maximum safety and promote regulatory compliance in your waste management practices. Trust the TerraCycle 140-7000 Drum Lid to provide a reliable and responsible solution for storing and managing your crushed fluorescent tube waste.

Product Highlights:

  • Designed for use with the TerraCycle 110-7002 Bulb Eater 55 Gallon Drum
  • Includes gasket, locking ring, and bolt for tight, secure closure
  • Flat steel lid provides durable and tamper-resistant storage
  • Helps contain contents and prevent leakage or exposure
  • Easy to install and remove for accessing drum contents


  • Ensures safe and secure storage of crushed fluorescent tubes
  • Protects against potential hazards and environmental contamination
  • Facilitates safe transportation and handling of stored materials
  • Complements the epoxy-lined drum for maximum safety
  • Promotes regulatory compliance and responsible waste management


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