Volume Lighting V9725-6 White Plastic Tiered Outdoor Nautical Wall Lantern

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1-light White Exterior Wall-Mounted Light Fixture

Charming mounted lantern wall sconce top tiered by design. Encased in a rounded cylindrical clear prismatic polycarbonate diffuser which distributes light evenly for a pleasant look. Frame composed of immaculate, solid white polypropylene. Feel at ease with polycarbonate and polypropylene, the ideal choice for coastal areas. Upon exposure to wetness, dampness or air with high salt content in the air, these materials will not corrode, outperforming metal in durability, longevity and cost-effectiveness. Trust in top quality polycarbonate and polypropylene to ensure long-lasting, exceptional protection of your product from the elements. Enjoy this gorgeous light rain or shine. Conveniently suitable for wet locations. Feel confident in your choice of elegant simplicity. Delight in clean, minimal and solid-color design that blends in seamlessly with surroundings and existing decor. Offers remarkable versatility for exterior and interior design. A stunning piece that imparts a fresh, rejuvenating and open atmosphere both outside and within. Change up your exterior spaces with this look or be unique bring the outdoor look indoors. Accent your areas with this stylish, modern piece.

  • 1-light fixture
  • Sturdy, exquisite construction
  • Heat-resistant components safely withstand up to 60-Watt
  • UL rated for safety
  • Frame composed of immaculate, solid white polypropylene
  • Ideal choice for coastal areas
  • Materials will not corrode



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