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250W LED Indoor Horticultural Fixture | Full Spectrum | Steel Finish

The SunStream 250 LED horticultural fixture is a high-power LED fixture for cultivating cannabis, flower, vegetable and fruiting crops. Ideal for commercial growers, its streamlined design fits narrower grow spaces to optimize light distribution. The SunStream 250 is proven to increase crop yield and quality, enhance crop appearance, extend crop's shelf life and improve taste. Broad spectrum light maximizes production throughout the growth cycle supporting all stages of crop growth. Secondary optics provide even illumination and ensure uniform photon delivery.

Long-lasting LED fixtures generate less heat compared to HID grow lights, so fixtures can be placed much closer to plants. This increases light intensity while protecting plants from damaging leaf burn. This energy-efficient replacement for HPS grow lights has a higher CRI, making it easier to inspect plants for pest or mold problems, which helps sustain a healthy crop. The SunStream 250 also maintains higher light output over the lifetime of the fixture compared to HPS, due to higher lumen maintenance of LED vs HPS light sources.

What's Included:

SunStream 250 LED horticultural fixture, installation instructions, power cord, 2 rope ratchets and mounting hardware.
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  • Streamlined design fits narrower grow spaces to optimize light distribution
  • SunStream 250 provides 38% energy-savings over HPS grow lighting
  • Broad spectrum light supports all stages of growth cycle
  • Quality and color of light enhances clarity and comfort for crop workers and inspectors
  • Optimal thermal management ensures proper cooling and reduced maintenance
  • Use as an energy-efficient replacement for HPS
  • Replicate the sun in grow houses and grow tents where there are no lights or sunlight
  • Use to supplement the sun in greenhouses
  • Ideal for controlled plant growth environments
  • Indoor farming
  • Commercial greenhouses
  • University lab research
  • Indoor grow rooms
  • Home horticultural stations




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