25W F25T8

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25W T8 Fluorescent Linear Tubes

T8 Fluorescent Tubes are one of the most widely used forms of linear tube lighting, and for good reason. They're ideal in areas where you may be in need of a high lumen output but would still like to be able to see lots of detail. Many of our T8 linear tubes have a CRI of up to 85, so colors and details will not look washed out and hard to see. This makes 25W F25T8 perfecly suited for use in work places, such as offices, garages, worksheds and can even be found in schools, stores and boardrooms.


Not only do T8 tubes have a high quality light output, but they are also very energy efficient. Even some of the cheapest products in this category have expected life times of over 20,000 hours, with many reaching 35,000 and more. These products also produce lots of light on very little power. Even the cheapest products have a ratio of up to 80 lumens per watt!


With a wide range of color temperatures, we're confident there's a product for your needs in this category. A 6500K color temperature T8 tube can bring some daylight into your work area or office to help brighten your day. A 3000K linear tube could really set a relaxed mood in your shop to help make your customers feel at peace. Whatever your needs, we have you covered. And don't forget to take advantage of our bulk buy discount for the best prices online!